Thames Valley Network of U3As: Historic Pathways Project – The Walks



This site is intended to be a repository of walks resulting from research undertaken by members of many of the U3As affiliated to the Thames Valley Network. They are the result of a collaborative project called Historic Pathways which began in October 2012 and ran until  the autumn of 2015. The principle was simple: members found a walk, normally in their locality, then used all available resources to research the history of the paths and buildings in the area covered by the walk. They then publicised their findings, inviting fellow U3A members to join them in undertaking the walk. We hope that this site will eventually display reports of all the walks, with comprehensive details of  the points of historical interest, details of the route and a map so that others can enjoy and learn by undertaking the walks themselves, either individually or as a U3A Group.

The menu at the top of this page will take you to the “meat” of the site. A good place to start is the “Calendar of Walks” tab, which, if clicked, will give a list of walks undertaken, while hovering on it will provide links to the detailed instructions and maps (where available) for individual walks.  The hope is that members can then try them for themselves. The Research Log tab takes you to a summary of the work done by members in researching the area covered by each walk.


St Mary’s Church, Uffington – The Cathedral of the Vale.