The Project

The Historic Pathways is a long term project, launched in October 2012 at the Berkshire Record Office. The initial aim was to use the vast amount of information contained in the archives, particularly in the maps section, to investigate ancient footpaths and the settlements and landscapes through which they passed. At the initial meeting the approach was rather turned on its head so that the starting point became a walk that exists today and which has on its route buildings, area and, indeed, pathways, of historical interest. Members of the local U3A would then use whatever resources they could find to research as much as they could about these – ancient paths, churches, schools, pubs and even individual fields. Ultimately a summary of the findings would be produced, together with a thorough description of the walk. and a date arranged for a group to complete the walk, armed with the collected material. One of the objectives, as in all TVN activities, would be to involve as many of the affiliated U3As as possible. A paricular walk might be researched by a single U3A but all the others would be invited to join in the walk.

This website will, we hope, eventually contain, for each walk, detailed information found by the researchers and a full  description and map of the walk itself


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